A fined start to New Year

Happy New Year folks! Our 2018 New Year's resolution is to become Vegan friendly. Kind of anyway, we're still going to eat meat, eggs and all that jazz but our beer will be Vegan friendly. Let me explain....

You may or many not have heard of finings, these are used to make beer crystal clear. The last few years has seen a debate rage on about finings, mainly between traditional Real Ale drinkers and modern craft beer drinkers and whether to use finings or not. Using traditional finings ensures a pint is crystal clear, and assures the drinker there is no nasties in the beer that shouldn't be there. Not using finings tends to leave a hazy pint, some argue it is a pint with more flavour - but perhaps most importantly unfined beer enables Vegans to enjoy a pint, as finings contain fish. The problem is, publicans and seasoned drinkers can't tell if a beer is perhaps off or has an infection if it is unfined.

So then, we think the Real Ale market today is not 100% ready for unfined beer, our Nutty Ales will vary, some fined, some unfined - depending on style. But our session range of ales will continue to be crystal clear all thanks to a new type of finings... We aren't the first to use it, and we won't be the last; BrauSol is a completely vegan friendly type of fining.

The fining change will effect our beer, when brewers and publicans refer to 'letting beer settle' they are specifically referring to the process of letting the finings do their job and literally making the yeast in the beer flocculate and drop to the bottom of a cask, thus leaving crystal clear beer when poured. The house strain of yeast we use has been known to be very flocculant, and our beer clears very quickly once racked. However, with a change of finings, it seems the settling process is a bit slower.

We have tested BrauSol in the later part of 2017 throughly. We are happy with the results after trialing in many forms of packaged beer and are pleased to announce we will be fining our cask and keg products with BrauSol from today onwards.

Testing will of course carry on and we'd like to thank the Queen's Hotel for helping us with this in pub cellar conditions.

Matt Curd