Summer Session

A letter cameforth in late June with an order from the Great British Beer Festival, some of you may recall last year we slotted Black Hearted into our Session Range upon having an order for it from the before mentioned British Beer Festival (Great). Well, this year we were satisfied to see an order of 2 ales, no less, each of which are Nutty Ales that we feel have made a lasting impression and stood out as ruddy good guest ale. The first in our Great British Beer Festival Confirmed Fallen Acorn Order Line up, or GBBF-CFAB-OLU as I like to call it,  being our American IPA; Hoptimus Prime, which is a juicy, citrus hopped, 6.5%, unfined, liquid stunner. The second being our dangerous, but savouringly delicious, Russian Imperial Stout; Crimea River (9%). Up until this contractual CAMRA order we have only ever brewed Crimea River on our Pilot Brew Kit, meaning only Gosport has really had a chance to revel in its splendour. But now, in celebration of its recognition by CAMRA's top brass, we've fired up the brewhouse for 1800 Litres of it (Which is roughly the same volume as one of those family size paddling pools you see in the Argos catalogue, that although the occupants seem to be enjoying, you know after one length you'd be ultimately very disappointed with). Paddling pools aside, not only do we have cask stock of Crimea, we've also treated ourselves to 4 x 200L Oak Whisky barrels to age Crimea River in over the coming months. We're going to go balls to the wall, pretentious craft beer and will put the oak aged batch in 750ml corked, wax sealed bottles ready for Christmas. On that bombshell, watch this space!

Seasonal-wise, at the moment we have Hoptimus Prime, Dankashire Hop Pot (3.8% Session IPA) and Dandelion Moon Rising (5.3% Saison). Last year we brewed Dandelion Moon, an almost indistinguishable recipe to DM Rising, just at a lower alcoholic volume. This year we wanted to be truer to the Saison style and bump the strength up a bit.

Our tap room has seen some big improvements in the last month, we now have racking for 4 casks and taps setup for 4 keg lines. We are going to aim to always have our flagship ale Hole Hearted on cask and our Lager, Double Tide, on keg. Alongside that we aim to always have our seasonal beers on, and hopefully pilot brews too. This will enable you to sample a full range of our beers on Wednesday and Friday nights as well as Saturday afternoons when the tap room, with its ample car park and seating facilities for over 30, is open to the general public.

Due to how quickly it sold, the great feedback we had on it, and our Session Range needing something below the 4% ABV mark - we're brewing Mumby's Ginger Pale again forthwith. Lashings of Mumby's will continue to be brewed all year round from this point onward. 

"We're going to have to cancel!" cried the Fallen Acorn top brass, is what you would have heard at 4.05pm on Friday the 6th of July, as the team huddled round the beer cooler amidst the panic that had unfurled upon discovering the cooler ice bank had diminished. The beer leaving the brand-spankers new keg taps was fobbing like a french hounds' mouth with rabies. You join us at a pivotal moment only hours prior to our biggest and loudest brewery event ever; the Summer Session. Heated exchanges were exchanged getting us nowhere, not angry arguments - simply voice communicated exchanges in what was a very hot brewery. At the 11th point 9 hour, the team got the cooler performing and with precision nursing throughout the day itself, the incessant heat did not get the better of the beer, the event was not cancelled, and everyone had a stonking good time. 

We welcomed the musical line-up provided by the guys at Quay West Studios throughout the day. Customers whisked in and out the brewery, seeking quaffing ale refreshment to cool themselves in what was said to be the hottest place in England that day, not my statistics, the statistics of Vector Aerospace's Fleetlands Helicopter UK facility here in Gosport. As the day progressed patrons were torn between the music and the Quarter Finals of the World Cup, which England went on to win generally lifting the spirits - or in this case the fine Fallen Acorn beer. That being said there were spirits available from the Quay West cocktail bar.

Our great line up of beer included Hole Hearted, Twisted Oak, Expedition IPA, Black Hearted, Egg Nog Stout, Sith Faced, Hoptimus Prime, Dankashire Hop Pot, Dandelion Moon Rising, Double Tide, Roobarb & Custard, Crystal Haze, Fake News and Blue Steel. We also had Dreymans Cider and the before mentioned cocktail bar. Needless to say, Fallen Acorn can organise a piddle-up in a brewery!

We want to raise a glass of beer (probably Egg Nog Stout as that's about all we had left) to the Quay West team and the first-class bands they organised for the Sesh (Session). Thanks guys! See you on the flipside! (Most likely October, when we'll do it all again, minus the heat, and the Christmas Egg Nog Stout beer)

Matt Curd