At Fallen Acorn, we're regularly supplying pubs in Hampshire, West Sussex, Dorset & Wiltshire on a weekly basis. We like to think we have beer to suit all kinds of your customers, we supply Country Pubs, City Pubs, Golf Clubs, Tennis Clubs, Micro Pubs, Bottle Shops, Beer Festivals, Restaurants and Bars within a 40 mile radius of our hometown, Gosport.

Our range consists of Real Ale, Craft Beer & Lager, we regularly produce five beers all year round and produce two seasonal, or Nutty Ales, at any given time. Our beer is available in 9 & 4.5 Gallon Cask, as well as 30L Sankey Keg and 500ml and 300ml Bottles. We can provide beer in 18 Gallon cask, and bright beer for quick setup events. 

We are fully SIBA accredited and  on the Enterprise, Punch & Admiral  Beerflex systems. We also trade with Wetherspoons through East West Ales. For orders a bit further afield, we also work with Eebria Trade for distribution. 

Our pricing is very competitive, we are one of few breweries in Hampshire who purchase in whole grain and mill on site at our brewery, 99% of our ingredients are sourced from Charles Faram for hops and Crisp Maltings for Barley. We own the kit we use in our brewery and strongly believe in fair pricing and not artificially raising prices for kegged products. 

Our ethos is to produce a range of quality beers varying in style. The Fallen Acorn Session range reflects the British brewing scene styles, (Bitters, Goldens, IPAs) however, in our Nutty Ale range we are constantly striving to challange the norm all whilst creating very session-able beers. In the past 18 months we have created heavily American Hopped IPAs, Pales, Browns and Black beers as well as Oak-Aged Russian Imperial Stouts, Rooibos infused Rye Beers, Coffee Porters, Smoky Baltic Porters, Double IPAs, Kafir Lime Leaf Saisons and many more.

The vast majority of our beer is fined. Finings cause the yeast in a barrel of beer to drop, leaving a crystal clear pint. We use Vegan friendly finings, and warn customers on our pump clips if no finings have been used at all.